- I couldn't have had two natural births without Lindsay's information and encouragement.  Before Lindsay became an instructor, she directed me to another local Hypnobabies Instructor and helped me have the courage to switch providers late in my pregnancy, enabling me get the birth I desired.  I wish her great success with her new business.

                                      - Chambrea Daniels


- We welcomed our first child - a little girl - in November 2017. Before we became pregnant, I knew I wanted a stress-free birthing experience with as few interventions as possible. I found Lindsay’s Hypnobabies class through an online search, and e-mailed her with a million questions I had about the curriculum and the approach itself.  Before I even signed up for the class, Lindsay was helpful and responsive.  I could tell she had a real love for Hypnobabies and for helping expectant mothers learn and utilize the tools it offers.  The course was comprehensive - Lindsay taught us everything we would have learned in a typical birthing class plus the Hypnobabies practice. The best part about it was we were encouraged to use the Hypnobabies techniques in the way that best suited our individual goals - whether that was ultimately a home, birthing center, or hospital birth.  Hypnobabies helped us to shape our birthing experience into one exactly right for my husband and I to welcome our sweet daughter into the world.  Thank You Lindsay!

​- Lauren Warren

PEACE Joy & Birth

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis

- ​​​I was nervous about my first birth and my plans for it to be unmedicated, but Lindsay and my newfound knowledge from the Hypnobabies classes made my partner and I feel much more prepared and relaxed!  We used the audio tracks and tools from class to achieve the birthing experience we desired -- a calm and focused natural birth without interventions. I truly don't think we could have done this without the guidance and mental preparation achieved from Hypnobabies.  Thanks Lindsay!

​- Mona Liddell