PEACE Joy & Birth

Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis - a complete childbirth education program that includes powerful self-hypnosis techniques for easier, more comfortable childbirth.

This six-week course fully trains Birth Partners and can also be used beautifully by single moms! As parents, you will enhance prenatal bonding with your baby and each other. You can greatly improve your mobility, communication, and comfort during birth. You will also develop life-long relaxation skills to help you understand, handle and embrace any situation that may arise during your birth and beyond!

Don’t believe it? Read stories and watch videos of Hypnobabies moms in action at the YouTube Hypnobabies Channel and, or call for references from local parents. And don’t be shy about asking Susan, Lerissa, Lindsay, or Jamie about our births. We used Hypnobabies ourselves and love to share our stories!

Meet your local Hypnobabies Instructors:

Lindsay Osterhoudt

Peace, Joy and Birth


Joanne Dahill

Journey of Motherhood


Melanie Patrick

Emerald Doulas

Susan McClutchey

Tranquil Birthing


Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis

Jamie Jackson

Birth Is Beautiful


Lerissa Heggen

The Well Birth